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About TheWorldIsOn?

TheWorldIsOn is a niche filter & think-tank about the digitalisation of art & branding. And we help brands to evolve into Branded Organisms.

To understand and create the world of tomorrow we need to filter ‘the world’ for inspiring cases/concepts, new technologies and existing conventions. A big shifting force lies in the progressive digitalisation of our world. TheWorldIsOn explores what our lives will be like when our world is made out of ones & zeros.

From this stream of inspiration waves of thoughts appear. They explore how new forces will impact our lives. Sharing our vision will spark new concepts that may come alive in the future.

This all help us to design Brand Organisms. This are brand(element)s that become so dynamic that they starting to become self-sufficient living organisms adapting to our constant changing environment.


TheWorldIson is the digital playground of Joost Galjart:

I’m digital intrapreneur driven to create rich brand platforms that are alive and connected with us on an emotional level. Creating the appealing brands of tomorrow must be done in an integrated approach. This means we have to combine strategy, design & interactivity in such a way we end up with an effective brand ecosystem. One brand world that adapts all your brand activities: across devices, off- vs online & between stakeholders (consumers, employees & developers). Everyday I help brands become an interactive Hero @ Wecanbeheroes. For more about me check my flavors website.


About TheWorldIsOn? - TheWorldIsOn