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‘Parmenides I’ a stunning light sculpture by Dev Harlan

Dev Harlan has used that versatility to show that no matter how much we see of it, there’s still plenty of room to be awed by what can be achieved. His stunning light sculpture Parmenides I, which formed part of his solo exhibition “The Astral Flight Hangar” at Christopher Henry Gallery in New York, is a beautiful, fluctuating sculpture that looks like some otherworldly being flickering to life. Any moment now you wouldn’t be surprised if it lifted off the ground and flew back to the mothership. It’s visually rich, with a variety of patterns making it a captivating spectacle—all this from foam, wood, plaster, and some video projection.

And to show that this majestic display was no fluke, take a look at the piece, from Harlan and Olek, Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle below, created by covering a bike in crochet.


‘Parmenides I’ a stunning light sculpture by Dev Harlan - TheWorldIsOn