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Transform the world’s largest advertising space into the world’s largest exhibition space

We are joining the movement! We love this start-up and love the Dutch connection: The founders, New York & the first artist they selected is Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal (which we follow with great interest).


Simply put, Times Square Art Square (TSAS) is looking to stage the world’s largest public art exhibition inside the world’s most popular tourist destination. Our ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable event in which billboard advertising throughout Times Square is replaced with dedicated art installations for one whole month each year. Ambitious? Sure. Possible? Absolutely.


“But why art?” Well, art has the power to inspire. It gets people to think, fosters creation and development, and makes for happier and more peaceful communities. It makes the world around us a more beautiful and interesting place.

“So why art in Times Square?” Art remains intimidating and inaccessible for a great many people. We mean for Art Square to be open to everyone, a high art event devoid of pretension, one in which people can feel free to question, interact with, interpret and criticize art inside a welcoming, public space. There is an incredible legacy of public art in Times Square on which we intend to build.


“But Times Square is so…” We get it, but we’re not accepting it. Consider New Yorkers and our will and ability to shape a better city. It was the sustained effort of local residents that transformed a decaying, elevated railway into the urban oasis that is The Highline.  Meanwhile, the visionaries behind The Lowline are working to convert an abandoned, underground trolley station into a subterranean, sunlit park. And those totally awesome guys at +Pool are about to reclaim a river for New Yorkers and create a community pool full of clean, filtered water. They’re going to reclaim a river!

In much the same spirit from which these projects were born (and successfully backed here on Kickstarter!), we view Times Square Art Square as an incredible opportunity to restore a little bit of New York to our city’s most iconic landmark. Imagine actually wanting to go to Times Square instead of going out of your way to avoid it. It could happen. In fact, it WILL happen.

Confirming that our concept is both viable and appealing, initial supporters stand aligned with TSAS to help us succeed.

Current partners include TumblrBehanceThreadlessHyperallergic &Holstee.

The Brooklyn Brothers responded to our humble request for advice this summer on how to make a solid Kickstarter video by creating the amazing little piece of cinema you see above. Yes, that’s right. One of the most highly sought after advertising agencies in all the world sees so much potential in our little project, they decided to make us a video to promote it as a most generous gift.

The extremely high level of artistic integrity we are committed to at TSAS is ensured with our first curatorial appointment. Renowned critic and writer, Hrag Vartanian, will serve as Chief Curator for our debut exhibition. He has selected Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal as the first to display his work on billboards during Art Square 2013.

Rafaël Rozendaal's "Into Time w/ Mirrors" installation at Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo, Nova Festival, April 2012

Rafaël Rozendaal’s “Into Time w/ Mirrors” installation at Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo, Nova Festival, April 2012


At this stage, we turn to Kickstarter to raise money and awareness for our project. Our Dutch sister organization got the ball rolling with $10K in early 2011. Any/all money raised through this current campaign will go directly towards commissioned art, city permits, infrastructure, insurance, administration and security for the multi-day, proof of concept event we wish to stage in early 2013. This debut event will introduce Art Square to the public, confirming our intentions and artistic priorities for the New Yorkers and visitors we hope to benefit, as well as the commercial and political interests in Times Square whose eventual support we intend to gain in writing the next chapter in the colorful story of “The Crossroads of the World.” And if you’re worried we’re going to blow a ton of cash on billboards, don’t. We have conceived a legitimate program through which advertisers and billboard owners will realize improved ROI in donating portions of their ad schedules to our program. Truly, it’s a win/win.

In addition to the money we are looking to raise here on Kickstarter, we need like-minded individuals to join our cause and help us in creating a strong and unified movement. 

For more information on TSAS, please visit our website FAQ.


Transform the world’s largest advertising space into the world’s largest exhibition space - TheWorldIsOn