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‘Web Lab’ explores the extraordinary workings of the internet

The internet is incredible. It powers our lives everyday. It allows us to explore the world without leaving our homes. It gives us access to infinite information. But all this magic is invisible to us. Until now.

The web has evolved from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications. Google developed Chrome from the ground up as a browser for this modern web. An intelligent platform perfect for today’s complex web pages and applications. Chrome’s aim is to spur on innovation amongst all browsers allowing everybody to experience the full potential of the web.

Through 5 interactive Chrome Experiments, Web Lab explores the extraordinary workings of the internet. Each experiment explores and demonstrates a different web theme. Worldwide visitors both online and offline will be able to play live music together, launch data into cyberspace and trace where images on the web actually live, see how robots can see people, and get teleported to unexpected places all over the world.


‘Web Lab’ explores the extraordinary workings of the internet - TheWorldIsOn