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‘Made by Humans’ Hyundai’s video sculptures

Art and design studio Universal Everything created this animated digital sculpture in a commission for Hyundai Motors. ‘Made by Humans’ is the first in a series of 18 video sculptures that will be released over the next few weeks in Hyundai’s Vision Hall, South Korea.

The project emphasises the importance of capturing the human spirit in a digital world. As a kid the founder of Universal, Matt Pyke was obsessed with paintings, organic forms and the analog side of creation, but also fascinated by how a computer can enhance it. With this work they tried to achieve balance between expressing the human form and feeling a sense of human present. The important part is that it feels like a reflection of the viewer, as they really wanted to stress the importance of a human although it’s industrial and animated. Pyke says: ‘The human spirit is in everything and it’s more like celebrating and listening to the own voice.’


‘Made by Humans’ Hyundai’s video sculptures - TheWorldIsOn