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Issue 1: Next steps in branding

Evolvle: increase the power of brands with LivingLogos

In this issue we are going to explore the near future of branding. What do we need to change to be able to adapt to the brand environment of today? Away from the traditional static approach to branding, we see several brands taking a more dynamic shape. But will it stop here? In this issue’s ‘In-depth” story we explore a first possible first step in future branding: the birth of, what I like to call, the first true ‘LivingLogos’. These logos are like living organisms that naturally adapt to their environment, organisms which grow and evolve. Just like in the real world, these LivingLogos will be bound to the ‘physical laws’ of their brand world. Laws like gravity, time perception and space. A set of variables will apply to their existence as well. With these brands we will connect & interact on both functional and emotional level, and will build a true relationship.

The three major reasons why this approach is essential to building brands:

  • The new dimensions will endow the brand with more strategic depth.
  • Brands will be better capable to create a strong emotional link with their consumer.
  • Brands will have inherent analytical power & transparency

We’re leaving the traditional era in brand building and entering a transitions period where we have to learn by doing. There are enough agencies dying for an opportunity to start creating the first real living brands, the only problem is they’ll need the ‘go’ from the gatekeepers – the brand managers. So brand managers: bring it on!

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