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The new ‘Hero’ of ABN AMRO is the website

What should the online services of a bank look like nowadays to meet the clients needs? At ABN AMRO they strive to optimize their services. Therefore they launched their new website! Wecanbeheroes was asked to think about what the (online) service nowadays should look like. Based on customer insights, Wecanbeheroes developed the concept & design for the new website. The improved is more transparent and offers more convenience in everyday banking.

*The transformation: old website on the left, new on the right

Innovations on the website
The website changes on these following matters:

  • The entire website has a new, cleaner appearance
  • Introduction of Quick Banking: Banking without e.dentifier
  • Accounts are personal and extended with photo’s
  • New, intuitive navigation

In addition to (traditional) Internet Banking, ‘Quick Banking’ has arrived. This enables customers to quickly check their balance and transfer small amounts. You can do this with a self-selected security code. Try it yourself here! (even if you don’t have an account!)

These changes are just the beginning of a series of improvements ABN AMRO will make feasible on the websites in the coming years. The concept & design will continue to be a guiding principle, to provide the customers with the best (online) service. Wecanbeheroes is and remains involved in the ongoing development of the new website.


The new ‘Hero’ of ABN AMRO is the website - TheWorldIsOn