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The world’s most fun & engaging brand guidelines

Nicely done by ddbi

BRIEF: Lipton approached us with a problem: no one was reading their brand guidelines. However, when was the last time anyone got excited by brand guidelines?

SOLUTION: We created something completely unheard of – brand guidelines that are actually fun and engaging.

Firstly, a metal suitcase was sent to every Lipton brand manager across Asia Pacific. Inside, was a stack of cash and an iPod Touch, pre-loaded with ‘Lipton Millionaire’ – a fun, interactive app that challenges their knowledge of the Lipton brand.

This gave brand managers a chance to win a million dollars in virtual sales to show that they truly understand the brand.

Of course, the better they know the brand, the better their chances. So we also included an interactive version of the ‘Lipton Voice’ Guidelines to help them brush up on their knowledge – giving them the best chance possible of becoming a virtual millionaire.

RESULTS: Knowledge of the Lipton brand is at an all-time high – with their position as the world’s no.1 tea brand reinforced with a single voice. More importantly, the way that brand guidelines are presented has changed forever.


The world’s most fun & engaging brand guidelines - TheWorldIsOn