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‘Viktor&Rolf’ Introducing The World Round Web

Viktor & Rolf have decided to re-design their new website (it was about time), not just cosmetically but they have taken the opportunity to re-think or in the Dutch manner re-conceptualize the essence of the Internet itself. In the world of Viktor & Rolf the “world wide web” is not a rectangular shape like we know it but actually circular.

It kind of makes sense if you think about it and it makes you wonder why Steve Jobs never thought of that. I would love a round web-browser or a disk shaped laptop like a powder box – it would be so elegant. Quite exciting to see V&R’s antagonistic approach take on a digital shape. For the launch of the website they teamed up with video directors extrodinair Lernert & Sander to create a video entitled ‘The World Round Web’ – where together with producer and photographer Liz Goldwyn as “CEO of HTML’ introduce the “new take” on the Internet.


‘Viktor&Rolf’ Introducing The World Round Web - TheWorldIsOn