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GTI + Underworld lets you Play the Road

Volkswagen has developed a way to turn its cars into giant metal DJs. When plugged into a Volkswagen GTI, the German vehicle manufacturer's Play The Road iOS app uses a swathe of data from the car — including its velocity, engine revs, and location — to create a soundtrack that changes as it's driven. The app's responsive sounds were cre...

‘Sadly by Your Side’ An Album You Can Remix W...

'Sadly by Your Side' isn’t just an album–it’s an album, a book, and a smartphone app. But those last two bits aren’t just thrown in as a bit of supplementary multimedia; they’re integral to the music itself. Open the app, point your phone at the book’s pages, and you’ll hear the tracks as they were originally composed. Point it any...

The Colour Clock (2010)

by Look at Jack Time as a Hexadecimal colour value...

The Faces Of Facebook (2013)

by Natalia Rojas/ More than 1,2 billion Facebook profile pictures together, in chronological order, including you and all your friends. Find out which FACE# are you!

Box (2013)

by Bot & Dolly Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.

Just A Reflektor (2013)

by Arcade Fire An interactive film directed by Vincent Morisset and featuring a new song from Arcade Fire. The film lets you cast a virtual projection on your computer screen by holding up your mobile device in front of your computer’s webcam. That way, you control all of the visual effects in the experience—not by moving a mouse on a scr...

Staggering Beauty (2012)

by George Michael Brower San Francisco-based Google Creative Labs designer and developer George Michael Brower created the Google Chrome JavaScript experiment this project that consists of a wiggly worm in need of a computer mouse, a clicker finger and a good shake.

Print your own ‘mini-me’ at the Omote 3D phot...

The best designs are often the most simple. Take the latest 3-D printing technology, combine it with Japanese tradition and what do you get? A unique pop-up photo booth producing miniature human replicas. The concept for Omote 3D Shashin Kan came from by PARTY, a 'creative lab' with studios in Tokyo and New York producing hyper-versatil...

FIELD (2012)

Music Nosaj Thing & Director Julia Tsao Inspired by the Nike+ FuelBand, Dazed earlier this year commissioned Los Angeles-based music producer Nosaj Thing and FAIR, LA - the west-coast design and technology collective led by Julia Tsao, to create FIELD, a global and exclusive creative film collaboration with award-winning Swedish intera...

The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator (2012)

by Microsoft & LBi When Microsoft asked LBi to create an interactive animated story to promote IE9, they jumped at the chance. That's not surprising considering who was on board for the project: director Edgar Wright and Marvel and Lucasfilm illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards.

‘Interaction of Color’ by Josef Albers

First published in 1963, Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color is one of the most influential books on color ever written. The classic text achieves its full, interactive potential in this stunning new application for iPad. The full app is free to download, and allows you to sample Chapter 10, including accompanying text, video commentary, two i...

A day in Big Data (2013)

by OgilvyOne A vast quantity of UNSTRUCTURED data, which we now have the ability to process in REAL-TIME.

‘Stardust’ an experiment in generative portra...

Life is finite. Creativity isn't. An artist has the potential to create infinite artworks but only some of them will see the light due to the constraint of time. What if we use technology to outsource the creation of art so more of these potential artworks are finally created? Modelling artistic decisions into software would provide a generative...

Roll it (2013)

by Google Roll It links your devices through Chrome: roll a ball from your phone to your laptop. Since the whole thing runs on Chrome, no apps, installs, or special configurations are needed – and any smartphone that runs Chrome can play.

‘The URL Project’ by Rozendaal X You

Become part of art history by creating a URL. In this first installment of The ART X YOU Series, we're proud to present a collaboration between one of the most talented internet artists in the world and you. Rafaël Rozendaal was the first visual artist to sell websites as art and since then over 40 million people per year became part of his com...

‘Apple Intention’ designed by Apple

Here, simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product.

Google trends (2013)

by Google Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

Hue Blending (2012)

by Jongmin Kim HTML5 is quickly revolutionizing the way we use the internet, giving us both a beautifully performing and beautifully useful web experience.From pages with details that overlap as you scroll to visualizations which play music you control, it is making the internet as we know it, a far more user friendly place to be. Now Jongmin K...

Particles (2010)

by Hakim El Hattab He is a Swedish developer that loves working with interactivity, graphics and animation. Motivated by a need to create distracting interactive contraptions and obsessive about pushing the open web into unexpected places. more work here

The Whale Hunt (2007)

by Jonathan Harris  Jonathan makes projects that reimagine how humans relate to technology and to each other. Combining elements of computer science, anthropology, visual art and storytelling, his projects range from building the world’s largest time capsule (with Yahoo!) to documenting an Alaskan Eskimo whale hunt on the Arctic O...