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‘Carbon Toggle’ tomorrow’s remote for today’s TV

The Toggle multimode touch remote concept uses an innovative application of existing technology to deliver a rich, intuitive experience at an extremely affordable cost. Though originally conceived for use with media, the Toggle platform can be applied across a wide variety of multimode remote applications.

“57 Channels and Nothing On”

Television and media consumption has evolved. We’ve gone from a push paradigm, where you had to hope something you liked was on, to a pull paradigm, where connected TVs have a vast array of content only a few clicks away. The problem is controlling that content. Some systems bring a computer keyboard and mouse to your coffee table. Some feature “more is more” remotes with a mind-numbing array of buttons and choices. And some would have you “use an app” for that, but a smartphone-based remote doesn’t work well as a communal device that lives near the TV.

Toggle remote control - Surf mode - context shot

The challenge was to take a complex array of devices and uses, and distill them down into one, flexible, multimode device.

Today’s connected TV experience requires a rethinking of remotes.

Under the Hood

Toggle remote control schematic

The core of Toggle is a simple touchpad, much like you might find on a laptop. This capacitive surface is printed with images, characters, and icons. The different modes are revealed by the use of a simple, grid-patterned mask. When the base and mask are aligned, Toggle is off and its logo is visible. A simple shift up, down, left or right, exposes a new interface and activates the corresponding mode —Type, Move, Surf or Play.

Creating different versions of Toggle would only require a change in screen print and firmware.

Shift & Go

Toggle remote control with illustration showing four modesToggle remote control in Type (qwerty) modeToggle remote control in Surf (tv viewing) modeToggle remote control in Move (touchpad) modeToggle remote control in Play (basic gaming) mode

A simple shift up, down, left or right, exposes a new function set—Type, Move, Surf or Play. Type is a qwerty keyboard for entering titles and URLs. An easy shift down, and you get a touchpad for navigation. A shift to the right gives you an option for casual gaming. Shift left and spin 90 degrees to get a “TV” remote with a NUI interface for a kickbacked viewing experience.

The Power of Physical Interaction

Toggle remote control on coffee table

The combination of a physical and graphic interface is surprisingly satisfying. This goes beyond the simple pleasure and fidget factor of shifting from one mode to the next. That four millimeter shift empowers users to take control… to have the device be exactly what they need when they need it.

Dividing the functions into sets simplifies usage and delivers an intuitive, delightful experience.

To learn more about Toggle and see a video with the designer, read the story in News.


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