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Google and NASA’s ‘Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab’

Last May, in partnership with NASA, Google announced the Quantum A.I. Lab, a place where researchers from around the world can experiment with the incredible powers and possibilities of quantum computing.

They’re still in the early, early days, but they think quantum computing can help solve some of the world’s most challenging computer science problems. They’re particularly interested in how quantum computing can advance machine learning, which can then be applied to virtually any field: from finding the cure for a disease to understanding changes in our climate.

As the team began working together this past summer, they decided to shoot some footage and put together a short video that provides a peek behind the scenes and introduces a few of quantum computing’s mind-bending, strange, and undeniably awesome concepts.

If you’re curious about quantum computing, just follow this page for updates, discussions about new research, and videos from our monthly speaker series.


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