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About Digital Life

Utilising cutting edge techniques and taking advantage of market-leading expertise, Digital Life offers both a lens on the digital world and the frameworks required to make actionable business decisions within it. It can be used to drive global strategies or inform local tactics.

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What is unique about Digital Life?

Truly global coverage

Interviewing almost 50,000 consumers across 46 countries, including all BRIC and most N-11 markets, Digital Life is the largest, most comprehensive study of the Global Digital Consumer, ever. These markets represent 88% of the global Digital population; we cover markets from where Digital is close to ubiquitous to those beginning their digital journey whether through PC at home, mobile or internet cafés.

Mind and Mouse

Through combining survey information with Clickstream data that passively measures actual behaviour, and unique ways of mapping consumer needs, we can access a more accurate and complete picture of both what consumers are doing, and why.

The critical issues that Digital Life investigates

What does the global digital landscape look like?

  • How has digital further changed consumer lives?
  • How will this change in future?
  • What is the impact of mobile?
  • How do I develop a digital strategy, based on these facts?

How do I maximise opportunities with the digital consumer?

  • Which channels or platforms should I focus on?
  • Do I have ‘Permission to play’? What social media strategies are viable? Where?
  • Which sources of information do consumers use when researching / purchasing in my category?

How do I tailor the message?

  • How do I utilise the heterogeneity of digital behaviours to my advantage?
  • Which strategies work for different types of consumers?
  • How do I target the specific needs of different digital consumer groups?


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