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Hi, I’m ‘Romo’ The Smartphone Robot.

Best of all, you can play with me…
from anywhere in the world!

Play Together

Invite friends and family to control Romo from anywhere in the world, using a simple, private URL invite. Grandparents can play hide-and-seek with grandkids!

Evolving Behaviors

Help Romo grow. The more you use him, the more he learns. Unlock new features by completing challenges.

Create + Share

Using a simple graphical programming interface, users create new activities or faces for Romo and share them with the world.

Romo Games

Play games like Romo Doodle. Control Romo’s movements by drawing directly on the controller device screen, then watch Romo trace out your pattern in real life.

Romo Apps Bring Your Robot to Life

Control how fast Romo drives, download new expressions and behaviors, or customize app backgrounds and colors.

Pet Presence

Wonder how Buffy spends her days? Play with your pets from work using your Mac or iDevice.


Hi, I’m ‘Romo’ The Smartphone Robot. - TheWorldIsOn