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Introducing ‘Readymag’ the interactive publishing platform

Readymag allows you to create, publish and discover truly amazing webzines. Readymag is based on three pillars…


Everything is a Widget
Keeping this idea in mind we’ve created an amazingly simple &easy-to-use instrument, and it is this idea that helped us to take a fresh look at what the modern web application can be.

The only tool you need is Widget Box
Image, text, animated background, gorgeous image gallery — these and many more are the widgets we’ve put into one tool. Forget about manuals & programming skills. All you need is to mark out the area and choose the widget you want to use. Incredibly easy!

You know what’s cool? Widget Center!
The web provides us with a continuous stream of new applications and other cool things. We make sure we keep our widget base up to date with the latest. You can choose widget of any kind and use it in your interactive publication. All sorts of galleries, audio and video players, image and text effects, icon sets and a lot of other wonderful things are at your direct disposal.

If you don’t want to work on design, use the built-in templates. Creating your webzine has never been that fast and easy!


HTML5 & Cross-Platform
Readymag is powered by HTML5, so mags created with our platform work in all modern browsers on any devices. You don’t need to make a tablet app and a website separately. You just create 1 mag and it works everywhere.

Context Menu
Imagine the absolutely new fully interactive reading: any word you see contains a whole universe of information, and you can access it just by one click.


All the mags are gathered in one place. We call it Collector.
But it’s more than just a catalog of issues — it’s an environment filled with social stuff serving to create proper community around the content.


Introducing ‘Readymag’ the interactive publishing platform - TheWorldIsOn