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The virtual 3D pop princess ‘Hatsune Miku’

Made of light. The virtual 3D pop princess Hatsune Miku is worshiped by millions of fans. Where else then in Japan.

She is extremely cute, with long braids and is also a good day schoolgirl. No wonder Japanese crazy about her. There are many fan sites and her Facebook page gets busier with the day. In short, she is a rising star, the next big thing. But what is it? Miku a digital avatar created by Crypton and emerged from a music program where you can compose your own song and where a virtual avatar sings it to you. The singing is done by a singer synthesized using Yamaha Corp. ‘s Vocaloid software. The company went one step further and created an installation in which the avatar can be projected live in 3D. She performs with a LIVE band which makes it even more impressive.

Her facebook page.


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