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‘Nesprinto’ the future of 3D-printing?

One of the most interesting (and maybe the most impact-full) invention of this era is de 3D-printer. For starters is the way how it came to life: (beside software) its one of the first (successful) physical products that is co-created on an open-source way. Then their is the way it (can) sparks our imagination. The future will show us its impact on our world by redefining current business models like production, copyright & distribution. In a way it reminds us era of the Apple 1: build in garages, embraced by the hacker culture by empowering them to be creative and become the counterculture of our age.

Now that we made the connection with Apple we can (and should) ask ourselves: what would Steve have done? As we now know, illustrated by Walter Isaacson, that Steve had a neck for turning great concepts into commercial successes. So we have to think of a closed system that ensures an optimal user experience. Below a sneak preview of how this closed system could look like:

The ‘Nesprinto’ model

And if we have a look at existing models, the first thing that pops-up that could work is the Nespresso model. It’s a closed system and every detail is designed into perfection. We think if Steve went into the Coffee business he would came up with the Nespresso.

The machine: Must be cheap and easy to use. Accessories could conclude a 3D scanner (something what already is being achieved by hacking two Kinect devices).

The materials: Like with the 2D-printers the money can be found with the inkt cardriches (the so called lock-in) but we think the current printer industry is one of the least inspiring possible. So we say you should do is the Nespresso way: the coffee cubs are called ‘Grand Cru’s’, like the Arpeggio, Volutto & fortissio Lungo. Besides that you can display them as a design item in the house.

The iPrint Store: not everyone is a skilled 3D designer so you should have a program that brings the consumer in contact with designers and visa versa. As with Apple, the iPrint store is the most crucial element of this ‘Nesprinto model’. It is the ecosystem that makes it for users easy to start printing and for designers the platform to show off their designs and make a buck (or two).

We hope that the 3D-printer will have the same impact on some industries like Apple (iTunes) had on the music industry.

Feel free to tell us what your future vision is the 3D-printer. What impact do you think it will have on our world.


‘Nesprinto’ the future of 3D-printing? - TheWorldIsOn