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The new Myspace will be soon Yourspace

Wow! Mark, I hope you’re are reading this because there is an “old kid” on the block. And her name is Myspace, founded in 2003 which is a year earlier then Facebook, and they are about to launch their new Myspace. And we like what we see!

Above all, wich is the most important, the UX is great: Visual & Focused. They use the full potential of your screen so you get fully submerged. The core is still much about music and that is smart to have a clear core. One of the problems we have with Facebook is that it’s everything so in the end you don’t know what you’re looking at (to much clutter). And finding your friends among the stream is becoming harder & harder. So we won’t be surprised if Facebook is only becoming the global “sign-in tool” with a huge profile menu.

So what did Myspace do? Well they just take their time to look around and start combining the best of the best.


They acknowledge that, socially, we don’t read anymore but we scan. So they give you the successful elements of Pinterest & Infographics to tell your story. Again, by using the full potential of your screen.


And they realized that people do one task at a time. So not like the website of Facebook (the apps are better) 10 things at once. On Facebook’s homepage you see a tsunami of updates about your friends, pages, events, people you may know, advertising, groups, apps etc. With the new Myspace it’s one thing at a time which is beautiful explained by their search & post full take-overs.

We think they did a beautiful job, taken a clear position and will collect a steady base of user (including us!). And will force Mark to rethink if their UX is the way of the future…

You also want to be one of the first to use the new Myspace then collect your invite here.


The new Myspace will be soon Yourspace - TheWorldIsOn