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‘Just a thought’ by Pieter Henket

This is the latest project of Pieter Henket. In ‘Just a thought’, starring Thekla Reuten & Thomas Acda, he uses his signature of photography but now putting the time dimension (back) in the mix. We say back in the mix because his love for pictures started when he left for New York in 1999 to study at the Film Academy there. However, his fascination with the possibility of capturing and telling a story in just one picture quickly brought him around to photography. What remains is the cinematographic character of his work; its careful lighting and staging define his signature.

In recent years Henket has increasingly focused on portrait photography. His iconic photo for the first album by the pop phenomenon Lady Gaga was recently included in the American Woman exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.


‘Just a thought’ by Pieter Henket - TheWorldIsOn